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Preventing and resolving construction contract disputes

Construction contracts can reduce the likelihood that a dispute will arise during the construction process. A contract that is drawn up in Texas should clearly lay out dispute clauses. Other preventative measures would include significant planning before the work begins, negotiating clauses that could be problematic and making sure that schedules are realistic.

Texas cooter company sued for fraud

A scooter company based out of San Antonio is being sued in federal court for fraud and breach of contract. The company is being sued by an organization that picks up and charges electronic scooters from a variety of companies that operate throughout the country. They were planning to provide the same service for the defendant in Florida, but there were regulatory problems. The defendant denies all of the allegations made by the plaintiff.

What to look for in a commercial lease

Business owners in Texas may want to lease a commercial space instead of buying one outright. However, there is generally no such thing as a standard commercial lease. Therefore, it is important for tenants to know how to negotiate an agreement that is in their best interests. Landlords may require that tenants pay utilities, maintenance costs and other expenses in addition to the base rent. Landlords may also require that tenants pay a security deposit as a condition of leasing a commercial space.

What are the remedies for a breach of contract?

If you enter into a business contract in Texas, be sure to read it carefully and take it very seriously. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. If you fail to live up to what you promise in a contract, a breach can occur, and the other party can sue you. Should the court make a decision in the other party's favor, there are a number of often onerous penalties you may face as a result. 

What should be included in an employee handbook?

The employee handbook is the definitive bible for incoming and existing workers. It contains information on company culture, behavior, dress, grooming, and many other important subjects. A well-written handbook ensures employees have the information they need to thrive in a specific work environment. For an employee handbook to have the greatest impact on staff, Gusto recommends including the following policies. 

Understanding "termination for convenience"

Like most business owners or representatives in Houston, you likely believe that a business partner can only terminate its contract with your company if it has cause to do so. This no doubt provides a sense of security due to the assumption that as long as you fulfill your terms of the agreement, your client cannot end it prematurely (at least without incurring penalties for breach of contract). Yet many who have had that same opinion have come to us here at The Kruckemeyer Lay Firm distressed that their contractual partners are trying to terminate their agreements simply for the own convenience. As shocking as this may sound, some organizations may indeed have that right. 

What to include in an employment contract

As the owner, manager or senior executive of a Texas business, your best bet at preventing contract disputes and similar issues may lie in crafting a strong and enforceable employment contract your workers must sign before becoming a part of your team. At the Kruckemeyer Law Firm, we recognize that carefully drafted employment contracts can prove to be a great line of defense if the relationship between your company and an employee does not work out. Throughout our firm’s history, we have helped many people navigate this and similar employment and contract-related matters.

Know when to use an NDA

If you are the owner of or an executive in a company in Texas, you will likely find yourself in situations that require you to disclose sensitive company information. You will no doubt feel hesitant about doing this but the good news is that there is a way to protect your business in these times and that involves the creation of a nondisclosure agreement.

Defining breach of contract in Texas

In business, your ability to hold partnering organizations in Houston to the agreements that your company has with them is vital. Without some measure of enforceability, there is no guarantee that the other side will not simply walk away from your partnership whenever it believes it to be in its best interest to do so. Fortunately, the penalties associated with breaching a contract often serve as a deterrent to such action. Yet when is a company or individual actually considered to be in breach of contract? That is a question many in your position have posed to us here at The Kruckemyer Law Firm over the years. 

How can I avoid contract disputes?

If you own a business in Texas, you’re probably aware of how essential contracts are for your operation to function. Avoiding common disputes is crucial in this case, as they can cost you money, cause delays, and ultimately harm the reputation of your enterprise. While you can’t always prevent conflicts from occurring, Inc. offers the following advice on how to reduce the risk.

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