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Providing An Effective Response To Defamation Claims

Have you been injured in your personal or business reputation? Defamation of your character need not go unanswered. Whether by slander (oral) or libel (written), Robert Kruckemeyer is available to assist you in preserving your good name. Defamation of one’s character requires a swift and strong response.

The filing of a lawsuit can be an effective method to curtail repetition of defamatory conduct and may provide a damage award. However, if you have been accused of making defamatory statements, you have a right to defend yourself against these charges.

In Houston, The Kruckemeyer Law Firm represents businesses and individuals struggling with complex litigation matters, including defamation. Our legal team has more than three decades of years of trial experience in Texas. You can rely on us to assist you with your defamation case and to help you get the protection and relief that you really need.

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Important Information About Defamation

Defamation refers to oral or written statements that harm a person’s reputation. These statements can expose an individual or business to public hatred, contempt, ridicule or financial injury. Business owners may pursue legal action against competitors for making false statements that were published and caused harm to their enterprise.

However, individuals can defend against defamation suits if the published statement was true or published with consent.

Defamation claims can be difficult to resolve without qualified assistance because these issues often involve freedom of speech and personal injury matters.

How Our Team Can Help

When you retain our team, we will examine the facts surrounding your case. We are well-versed in the standards that must be met to establish defamation. We use our knowledge to develop compelling arguments that support your case in courts throughout Harris County and the Gulf Coast.

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