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Efficiently Resolving Complex Business Disputes

Mr. Kruckemeyer has provided business and commercial litigation services since 1984. Whether your business is regularly involved in litigation or litigation is a rare occurrence, Mr. Kruckemeyer understands the impact that a lawsuit can have on the operation of your company. It is important that the lawsuit not distract a business owner from important daily operation of the business.

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Since 95 percent of cases settle, Mr. Kruckemeyer strives to place his clients in the most advantageous position to resolve the dispute as early in the process as possible. If an early resolution is not possible and the matter must go to trial, it is important to know that Mr. Kruckemeyer is skilled in the courtroom evidenced by him being named “Litigator of the Week” in the May 14, 2012 edition of the Texas Lawyer.

“I provide my clients with a thorough analysis of every legal option so that they can intelligently choose the path they wish to pursue.” — Robert J. Kruckemeyer

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