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Addressing A Range Of Contract Disputes

Mr. Kruckemeyer has represented clients involved in contract disputes (both written and oral) since 1984 when he joined one of Houston’s premier law firms upon graduation from law school.

Many factors impact the enforceability of contracts. These factors include what law governs (state or federal), where the dispute arose (venue), whether statute or common law governs, and whether there are any laws that require presuit action or attempts at mitigation of damages (Uniform Commercial Code including the Deceptive Trade Practices Act or Property Code). Other factors include the application of any statute of limitations. All of these factors must be analyzed at the outset to insure the best prospect for recovery.

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Zealously Protecting Your Interests In Court

Our lawyers provide plaintiff and defense counsel to companies large and small. We are equipped to handle complicated breach of contract disputes that include:

  • Contracts with customers for goods or services
  • Disputes with vendors and suppliers
  • Contracting for services
  • Contracts and transactions governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Commercial construction litigation
  • Conflicts in employee agreements
  • Violation of licensing agreements
  • Energy contracts

Robert Kruckemeyer has litigated major cases in which enforcing the contract is crucial to continued operation of the company. He has likewise defended against breach of contract lawsuits that exposed his clients to large damages awards.

Whether an employee, vendor, supplier, tenant, contractor or another party violated the terms of your agreement or is accusing you of violating an agreement, our team is prepared and ready to address the issue in court.

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Legal disputes can deplete your time, money and energy. Our attorneys strive to resolve these issues in a timely fashion so that you can direct your focus on running your business.

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