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Helping Fuel Suppliers And Charter Operators Preserve Their Rights

The Texas Property Code provides persons that supply maintenance, fuel and other services to owners of aircraft certain lien rights to ensure payment. When aircraft owners withhold payment for work that has been completed, liens and claims allow suppliers and operators to preserve their rights.

At The Kruckemeyer Law Firm, our team of attorneys has decades of combined legal experience with complex legal matters, including assisting claimants with aircraft mechanic’s liens. We represent fuel suppliers and charter operators to recover amounts owed. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the Texas Property Code and have successfully applied this code to preserve our clients’ rights to receive the payment they deserve.

Guiding You Through The Lien Process

We are familiar with the complications that arise when claimants attempt to assert their lien in Houston and the Gulf Coast region. We tailor legal approach to your unique situation so that you can achieve a favorable outcome swiftly.

We are qualified to assist you with:

  • Perfecting the lien
  • Enforcing the lien to prevent sale of aircraft
  • Beginning foreclosure proceedings within the appropriate period of time
  • Defending against slander of title claims should the aircraft owner contest the lien

When you work with our attorneys, we will ensure that you submit the correct information to the appropriate agency within the designated time to meet regulations. After the lien is perfected, we will identify a strategy that will help you receive your payment as quickly as possible. Whether you choose to repossess the owner’s aircraft or wait for the owner to clear your lien, you can depend on our lawyers to educate you on the benefits and drawbacks associated with the course of action you take.

Discuss Your Options With A Qualified Aviation Lawyer

Handling this complicated matter without professional guidance can be a costly mistake. Our lawyers provide economical solutions that get results. Schedule your private, no-obligation consultation with us today when you call 713-364-0148 or email our firm.