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September 2019 Archives

Enforcing non-compete agreements in Texas

Your career path in Houston may allow you to climb the corporate ladder within a single organization. Then again, you may be forced to leave your current company if you want to seek a promotion. Doing so can be difficult, however, if your current employer says that you are limited in where you can work and who you can work for by the terms of a non-compete agreement. Several of those who have come to us here at The Kruckemeyer Law Firm seeking assistance were made to sign non-compete agreements as a condition of being hired on to a new company. The question that almost all of them have (and that you might also share) is to what extent such agreements are actually enforceable. 

Fraud accusations leveled at former FEMA officials

People in Houston hear the word "fraud" and might immediately think that it only applies to cases where people have lied in order to deprive others of money or property. Yet in reality, oftentimes transactions that occur between professionals in the private and public sectors can often skirt the boundaries between legitimate and fraudulent. For example, there are often several bona fide cases where professionals are provided with benefits in exchange for assistance. Such assistance, however, can become unlawful if it affects fair competition or public welfare. As is the case with any criminal activity, the key issue underlying any accusation of fraud is intent. 

3 ways to address business and contract issues out of court

Business disputes are common because people often have expectations or ideals that other people fail to meet. In some cases, business disputes are clear violations of a contract. Addressing these disputes proactively can help protect your business from further financial losses and prevent other people from attempting to take advantage of your company or you as an individual in the future.

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