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July 2019 Archives

What are the steps to filing an aviation lien?

A lien is the right to enforce property possession when a debt is owed. When it comes to aircraft, it's possible to impose a lien on an airplane if the owner is indebted to another person for a mechanic's service, fuel costs, or some other issue. Sapling explains how aviation liens work so you can rest assured that your debt will be honored. 

What should be included in an employee handbook?

The employee handbook is the definitive bible for incoming and existing workers. It contains information on company culture, behavior, dress, grooming, and many other important subjects. A well-written handbook ensures employees have the information they need to thrive in a specific work environment. For an employee handbook to have the greatest impact on staff, Gusto recommends including the following policies. 

Common types of fraud

Fraud is a very serious matter for both sides. For the defendant, showing that they didn't try to commit a crime is a priority. For the victim, recouping their money is the focus. Because these are complex matters, it is imperative that you have all the information possible if you are involved in any way.

Is multi-level marketing a scam?

Not all multi-level marketing (MLM) ventures are fraudulent. Some do actually add value to a consumer's life and offer a good way for people to earn extra money in the comfort of their own homes. However, MLM can also be used for nefarious purposes, wherein a person takes money from consumers without living up to his or her end of the sales transactions. To protect yourself, The Balance recommends looking for the following red flags before getting involved in an MLM. 

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