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The majority of wire fraud cases go unreported

Wire fraud can be detrimental to your business, and the financial ramifications might carry on for years. No doubt due to the sensitive nature of the issue and the way that it could affect consumer trust in a company, a report released in 2020 revealed that only about...

What is fraudulent conveyance?

As a business owner, you worry about fraud. You know the impact that it can have on your financial position. You have to work with other companies to make your own business work, but you also understand that that puts you in a vulnerable position. One type of fraud...

The growing risk of real estate wire fraud

When you’re investing in real estate, you know that money needs to change hands. Naturally, you don’t want to carry that kind of cash around with you, so most people wire the money directly from one bank to another -- and that’s what today’s thieves are counting on....