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November 2019 Archives

Company said to target retirees to sell fake gold investments

A press release from the Texas State Securities Board has alerted people to the allegedly fraudulent activity of the company Chase Metals, which operates The board issued an emergency cease-and-desist order against the company after it allegedly convinced an 80-year-old woman to transfer $850,000 in retirement savings to the company to purchase precious metals like gold and silver.

Texas cooter company sued for fraud

A scooter company based out of San Antonio is being sued in federal court for fraud and breach of contract. The company is being sued by an organization that picks up and charges electronic scooters from a variety of companies that operate throughout the country. They were planning to provide the same service for the defendant in Florida, but there were regulatory problems. The defendant denies all of the allegations made by the plaintiff.

Dealing with defamation charges and contests to aviation liens

Unfortunately, it's common for those servicing an aircraft to be indebted for one reason or another. For example, fuel suppliers may not be fully reimbursed for their services and the amount of fuel supplied. Alternatively, a mechanic may not have been fully paid for the work that they performed on the aircraft. In a situation such as this, a lien may be imposed on an airplane if other efforts to regain the debt have been unsuccessful.

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