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Can you dispute a mechanic’s lien on an aircraft?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Aviation

Navigating the realm of mechanic’s liens on aircraft can be a complex process. While these liens serve as a form of security for mechanics and repair facilities, they can pose challenges for aircraft owners. The good news is that disputing a mechanic’s lien on an aircraft is possible. However, it comes with its own set of hurdles.

The situation can get complicated quickly, especially considering the varying regulations and statutes involved. Knowing your options and how to proceed can make a big difference in the ownership and use of your aircraft.

If you believe that the lien placed on your aircraft is not justified, you can take several courses of action. The most direct way is to settle the debt, but a more complex route is needed if you dispute the charges. Challenging the validity of the lien often involves demonstrating either that the work that you were charged for wasn’t performed as stated or that the charges are unreasonable.

Consult the applicable state laws

Mechanic’s lien laws differ from state to state and sometimes even from one jurisdiction to another within the same state. Typically, the mechanic’s lien must be filed within a certain period after the work is completed. Waiting too long could mean that the lien is invalid.

Negotiate with the mechanic

Sometimes, the best course of action is negotiation. Reaching out to the mechanic to discuss the dispute might result in an amicable solution that benefits both parties. The charges may be reduced, or a payment plan can be arranged. Either way, communication is key.

As we noted, disputing a mechanic’s lien on an aircraft is can be a challenging process. Having experienced legal guidance can make the process easier, especially if you have to go to court.

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