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When might you need an Aircraft Mechanic Lien in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2023 | Aviation

In any business wherein you provide a service to another business or person, you expect to be paid for your labor and expenses. Fighting for payment from someone who refuses to pay, or says they cannot afford to pay you, is a hassle and has the potential to destroy your business.

If you’re in the aviation field – and you have supplied fuel or carried out maintenance on an aircraft for which your efforts and resources have not been paid – you might consider the use of an Aircraft Mechanic Lien.

What is an Aircraft Mechanic Lien?

The Texas Property Code affords any person who stores, fuels, repairs or performs maintenance work on an aircraft with the right to a lien for the amount they are owed.

When you have a lien, you can keep possession of the aircraft until the point at which you are paid what you’re due. Even if you no longer have the aircraft in your possession, you are still entitled to a lien.

Why would you use a lien?

To put it simply, you deserve to be paid for the work you have done. After you’ve carried out maintenance work or repairs on an aircraft or you’ve paid for fuel that has been used, you’re in a difficult position if the owner of the craft refuses to pay you. You can’t simply take back the work, time or money that you’ve put in.

Under these circumstances, you may use a lien to take possession of the aircraft. It is a tangible object that has value to the owner. This approach can be the best, most effective way to encourage payment for the money you’re owed.

Aviation law is a specialized field that requires the assistance of someone with in-depth knowledge to make sure your rights are protected. Don’t feel as if you need to deal with the practicalities of enforcing a lien on your own. Seek legal guidance if you could benefit from some help.

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