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3 issues to be aware of when looking to lease commercial property

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Contract Law

If you have ever researched commercial lease law, you probably uncovered many sources telling you what to do when entering an agreement. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find information about things to steer clear of in a commercial lease contract or situation.

While you should keep an eye out for provisions that favor you as a tenant, it is just as vital to avoid issues that might compromise your operations. The following sections describe several potentially unfavorable circumstances to consider when vetting commercial property.

Your own feelings

Perhaps you are excited about obtaining your first commercial property. On the other hand, maybe you are desperate to find a new space. Strong emotions like these can distract you from your goals: finding an affordable and well-maintained place to conduct business and ensuring the lease contract is fair and balanced.

Property owner inflexibility

No one can predict the future, including you and your landlord. Property owners favor long lease terms that lock tenants in place for years. However, business owners need adaptability to continue growing. Do not overlook the importance of landlord flexibility when investigating commercial lease opportunities.

Inexperienced representation

Signing a commercial lease means entering a legally binding contract. It is unwise to do so unless represented by a contract law professional. Knowledge of the Texas real estate market and experience in business law are top qualities to look for when seeking representation.

Another reason to obtain representation is to have someone familiar with your circumstances assist you if a lease dispute arises. You won’t need to waste valuable time seeking help if you already have a working relationship.

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