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Plane owners may seek out repairs that they can’t afford

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Aviation

There are numerous federal rules that restrict the rights of an individual to fly a plane. Special licensing is necessary, and the plane itself needs to meet very specific airworthiness standards

Even silly mistakes, like a pilot backing into a hanger and damaging the body of the plane, could make it unfit for flight and leave someone unable to enjoy the open skies or do their work. The pressure to constantly maintain an airplane might mean that a plane owner misrepresents their situation to you. 

After all, they need the repairs done to get their plane off the ground. In some cases, they may need to be able to fly to make any money. Unfortunately, that might put professionals who work in the aviation support industry at risk. 

You also have a business to run that requires income

While you may be sympathetic toward someone who needs to repair their plane to earn a living, you also need to be able to pay your employees and manage your business expenses. You deserve compensation for the time you invested, and you need to recoup the money you already invested in parts for the plane.

As a mechanic or other service provider, you might find yourself with unpaid invoices after performing significant labor and providing the parts to repair a plane. If the owner won’t commit to a payment arrangement or continually avoid communicating with you, you may have no choice but to ask for a mechanic’s lien against the aircraft to protect yourself. 

Getting a lien can be a difficult process. You have to perfect the paperwork and file everything in compliance with specific limitations. Learning more about aviation liens can help you collect on unpaid invoices still owed to your company.

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