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What can you do when a plane’s owner doesn’t pay for repairs?

| Sep 2, 2021 | Aviation

Performing mechanical work on airplanes is a very demanding profession. You will have to invest substantially in facilities, tools and machinery for your occupation. Your repairs will almost always be safety-critical, which means they will be subject to intense scrutiny from the plane’s owner and the authorities that annually inspect aircraft

You likely take pride in your ability to fix what is wrong with airplanes and get them into flyable condition. You charge a reasonable rate for honest work and help people continue to pursue their work or personal passion. 

Unfortunately, not everyone will value the work you do appropriately. What can you do if the owner of an airplane refuses to pay you after you’ve already done the work on their aircraft?

You can place a lien against the plane

Those who do extensive work to make someone else’s property useful deserve compensation. Texas state law recognizes that property owners don’t always follow through with their obligations to others. 

Just like a construction professional can place a lien against someone’s house, an airplane mechanic can do the same with an aircraft on which they have performed work. You will have to go to court to secure a lien, but doing so will ensure that the owner cannot transfer the airplane to someone else, sell it or even use it as collateral for a loan without paying you back first. 

Asserting your rights as someone who works in the aviation industry can help ensure that you get paid what you deserve for your work.

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