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Fraud in the airline industry

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Aviation

It is upsetting to be taken advantage of by others As someone who works in aviation, you should take fraud seriously. Fraud is highly prominent in the airline industry, both within the United States and internationally.

Airline transaction fraud is a big problem for the airline as well as for customers. It may include fraudulent acts such as:

  • Misusing/stealing airline miles
  • Faking payment information/selling fraudulent tickets
  • Phishing attacks meant to steal airline tickets
  • Employee misuse of company services, such as giving away free flights to friends and family when not permitted

These and other acts could be harmful to the airline by causing major financial losses as well as a loss in confidence from consumers.

Consumers are at risk of fraud, but they’re not the only ones

Consumers are often most at risk of fraud through phishing emails that ask for their information to having their credit card information stolen during a transaction at the airport.

Businesses are also at risk. For instance, if your airline invests in new online security and the security company steals credit card information from consumers, then you could face trouble from all sides.

What should you do if you’re accused of defrauding customers or your company?

If you are an employee of an airline or run one yourself and are accused of committing fraudulent transactions, you need to take steps to protect your best interests. Fraud is often charged at the federal level, and you could face significant penalties, fines and even imprisonment if it’s proven that you stole or misused others’ information or services for your own benefit.

What can you do if your business has been defrauded?

If your business is defrauded, know that you can take action as well. Although airline fraud is prominent, that doesn’t mean that it should be considered normal or par for the course. You should look into making a claim against those who have defrauded your business or your customers.

Legal options are available to help. Get to know more about the specific fraud that has occurred, and you may have multiple options open to you to resolve the problem.


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