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Should you file a lien if a client doesn’t pay?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Aviation

When an aircraft carrier doesn’t pay you like they should, one of the options is to pursue a claim of lien. An airplane claim of lien helps you get the money you need by preventing the customer from selling the plane without the lien being released. A mechanic’s lien, for instance, will help you retain possession of the airplane until you receive compensation for the work that your team put into a customer’s plane.

When you want to file a lien, you need to file it with the FAA Registry. The form generally needs to be filed within 180 days of the last time you worked on the plane, it’s important to get started with the claim as soon as you can.

Why don’t customers pay?

There could be many reasons for customers failing to pay, from running out of money to not being happy with the work that was performed. As someone who has worked on a customer’s plane, make sure you protect yourself, too. Your attorney may be able to help protect you against slander or libel if the customer decides to start spreading negativity about your business or making unfounded claims about your work.

It can be hard to deal with customers who aren’t following through with payments on time or at all, but there are options open to you if you need help. Our website has more information on filing liens against customers and how you can protect yourself and your business against those who may want to make unfounded claims against it. The right actions can make it much easier to protect yourself moving forward.

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