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The law firm of Robert J. Kruckemeyer, Attorney at Law, offers savvy and aggressive representation for any litigation involving real estate and property rights.

Mr. Kruckemeyer has represented homeowners and homeowner associations, developers and construction companies, landlords, tenants and banks in every type of real estate litigation.

Experienced Harris County Lease Dispute Attorney

Our real estate litigation practice includes:

  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Conveyance and title disputes
  • Owner-developer litigation
  • Contractor-subcontractor litigation
  • Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) litigation
  • Brokerage commission disputes

Mr. Kruckemeyer is highly versed in state law and local and county ordinances pertaining to property rights, property transactions, construction contracts, mortgage law, and the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants.

We are confident that we can protect your interests in court or strengthen your position in negotiations (including mediation or arbitration) to resolve your real estate dispute.

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For more information regarding the real estate litigation services of Texas attorney Robert J. Kruckemeyer, send an email or call the firm's Houston office at 713-364-0148.