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Defining wire fraud

Most in Houston never anticipate having to answer to accusations of fraud. However, the word itself is so broad in its application that actions that many might not consider to be fraudulent actually are. This may fly in the face of common assumptions about fraud, especially given that so many different types of this activity have been recognized. This seemingly implies a very specific type of action, yet in reality, all involve the same intent: to intentionally secure assets and property through deceitful means. All that differs between the different types is the venue. 

Fraud accusations leveled at former FEMA officials

People in Houston hear the word "fraud" and might immediately think that it only applies to cases where people have lied in order to deprive others of money or property. Yet in reality, oftentimes transactions that occur between professionals in the private and public sectors can often skirt the boundaries between legitimate and fraudulent. For example, there are often several bona fide cases where professionals are provided with benefits in exchange for assistance. Such assistance, however, can become unlawful if it affects fair competition or public welfare. As is the case with any criminal activity, the key issue underlying any accusation of fraud is intent. 

Is multi-level marketing a scam?

Not all multi-level marketing (MLM) ventures are fraudulent. Some do actually add value to a consumer's life and offer a good way for people to earn extra money in the comfort of their own homes. However, MLM can also be used for nefarious purposes, wherein a person takes money from consumers without living up to his or her end of the sales transactions. To protect yourself, The Balance recommends looking for the following red flags before getting involved in an MLM. 

Authorities allege over $1.3 billion stolen in Ponzi scheme

In any case dealing with investments in Houston, the potential of sustaining losses is ever-present. Many may say that is simply the price one pays for delving into the investment market. Yet when people invest funds, they typically do so for a very specific purpose. That purpose is typically proposed by their investment brokers, and the exchange of monies only occurs under the condition that the funds be used for those specified goals. Any other use of the money could potentially constitute fraud on the part of the broker. 

The 1-2-3 of establishing fraud

Not every challenge you come across in a business deal is confined to your contract. The situation that leads up to you signing the contract is sometimes just as important legally as the document itself. At the Kruckemeyer Law Firm we often encounter confusion regarding this subject.

What are some home modification scams?

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with mortgage payments in Houston, you may be interested in a home modification loan. While these loans can help you lower your mortgage payments, you should also be aware of common frauds targeting individuals in a tough financial spot. The Federal Trade Commission explains different tactics and how you recognize a potential issue.

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