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In some cases, when there are no other adequate remedies immediately available, it may be possible to file for extraordinary relief. These are usually extraordinary situations, which cannot be handled by the slower process of normal litigation, and require an expeditious response to ensure the safety of the individual or the business.

Extraordinary relief is usually granted in the form of writs, and different jurisdictions have different application procedures, making it important to have an experienced lawyer who will file the motion correctly the first time.

The prejudgment writ of garnishment can be a very effective tool to seize a fund of money that will be available to a plaintiff to satisfy a judgment.

In Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast region, attorney Robert J. Kruckemeyer has more than 28 years of experience dealing with these kinds of complex legal issues and can help you get the protection and relief that you really need.

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Some examples of extraordinary relief might include:

  • Temporary restraining orders
  • Preliminary and permanent injunctions
  • Prejudgment writs of attachment
  • Prejudgment writs of garnishment

Filing for extraordinary relief may be necessary to protect against threats to yourself, your business or your legal case. Wrongful conduct in personal or businesses situations may require an immediate response, but the typical litigation procedures may not be in a position to provide the relief you need.

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