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If another party has failed to fulfill its contractual obligations, or if your company has been sued for breach of contract, it is important to understand your options and to respond as effectively as possible. The law firm of Robert J. Kruckemeyer, Attorney at Law, provides experienced business litigation services to clients in order to resolve difficult and costly contract disputes.

Mr. Kruckemeyer represents businesses in Texas and across the Gulf Coast region in commercial contract disputes and business-to-business litigation. Mr. Kruckemeyer is aggressive in initiating or defending legal action and is sensitive to the time, expense and distraction.

Harris County Breach Of Contract Attorney

Mr. Kruckemeyer provides plaintiff and defense counsel to companies large and small, and he has handled many breach of contract scenarios:

  • Contracts with customers for goods or services
  • Disputes with vendors and suppliers
  • Contracting for services
  • Contracts and transactions governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Commercial construction litigation
  • Conflicts in employee agreements
  • Violation of licensing agreements

Mr. Kruckemeyer has litigated major cases in which enforcing the contract is crucial to continued operation of the company. He has likewise defended against breach of contract lawsuits that exposed his clients to large damages awards.

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For more information regarding the contract dispute litigation services of attorney Robert J. Kruckemeyer, send an email or call the firm's Houston office at 713-364-0148.