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Houston business and commercial litigation lawyer Robert J. Kruckemeyer provides cost-effective business litigation services for clients throughout Houston, Harris County and surrounding counties, Texas, and the Gulf Coast region. He has been providing business and commercial litigation services, including the prosecution and defense of lawsuits, appeals, and the arbitration and mediation of disputes since 1984.

Areas of Practice

Attorney Kruckemeyer serves a diverse clientele, encompassing a variety of business and commercial litigation matters. He can assist with the following types of claims:

  • Business disputes: including dissolution of corporate entities or partnerships, and actions against state agencies and before administrative agencies
  • Contract disputes: including breach of contract, reformation and rescission and declaratory actions
  • Fraud: including bank fraud, insurance fraud, fraudulent conveyance, wire fraud, mail fraud and other fraud claims
  • Negligence: including malpractice, both medical and legal, construction accidents, premises liability, car, truck and auto accidents, and other general negligence claims
  • Real estate: including commercial lease disputes, conveyance and title disputes, owner-developer-contractor-subcontractor disputes, Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) disputes and brokerage commission disputes
  • Unfair competition: including copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets (including customer lists, formulas or company processes), deceptive trade practice claims and other unfair competition claims
  • Intellectual property: including patent law involving emerging technologies and products
  • Oil and gas: including lease disputes, mineral rights disputes (including executive lease rights, executive drill rights and ownership issues), drilling and drilling service industry disputes
  • Product liability: including defective design, marketing or manufacturing
  • Extraordinary relief: including temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, prejudgment writs of attachment, and garnishment
  • Defamation: including libel and slander

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